Monday, August 4, 2008

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktails (AKA homemade frag, dragon’s wrath or poor man’s hand grenade) is a bottle of flammable liquid that is hurdled with an ignition source at the designated (or occasionally undesignated) target.
The Molotov Cocktail is named after Vyacheslav Molotov whom is assumable the inventor of this delightful concoction. The ideal solution to be used inside the Cocktail according to Abbie Hoffman in his famous Steal This Book is to "Fill a thin-walled bottle half full with gasoline. Break up a section of styrofoam (cups made of this substance work fine) and let it sit in the gasoline for a few days. The mixture should be slushy and almost fill the bottle. The styrofoam spreads the flames around and regulates the burning. The mixture has nearly the same properties as napalm. Soap flakes (not detergents) can be substituted for styrofoam. Rubber cement and Sterno also work. In a pinch, plain gasoline will do nicely, but it burns very fast. A gasoline-kerosene mixture is preferred by some folks. "
The following exert is more from the "People's Chemistry" section of Abbie Hoffman's Steal this book; "Once the mixture is prepared and inside the bottle, cap it tightly using the original cap or a suitable cork. Then wash the bottle off with rubbing alcohol and wipe it clean. Just before you leave to strike a target, take a strip of rag or a Tampax and dip it in gasoline. Wrap this fuse in a small plastic baggie and attach the whole thing to the neck of the capped bottle with the aid of several rubber bands. When you are ready to toss, use a lighter to ignite the baggie. Pall back your arm and fling it as soon as the Tampax catches fire. This is a very safe method if followed to the letter. The bottle must break to ignite. Be sure to throw it with some force against a hard surface."


The Red Son said...

Cool post, except that it is not accurate to call Molotovs "homemade frags." Molotovs do not explode and therefor do not fragment into projectiles. More accurately they are homemade incendiary grenades. Also Che Guevara recommends a mix of gas and motor oil. The inclusion of additives is not to increase burn time (although with styrofoam it does as that effect) but it increase its stickiness/viscosity.

CODE said...

I find that styrofoam is almost as effective and alot less expensive then motor oil if you let it sit for a while and u keep adding styrofoam until you barely, ABSOLUTELY can't saturate it anymore.