Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fasci$t List 3

Fasci$t List 3
Chinese Government
Than Shwe
Hu Jintao
Blind Conformists
Xi Jinping
Liang Guanglie
Meng Jianzhu
Christian Zealots
Religious Extremists
Geng Huichang
Ma Wen
Ms. Wu Aiying
Yin Weimin
The United States Government
Michael Chertoff
James Peake
Keith B. Alexander
Michael Hayden
John Michael McConnell
Donald Kerr
Disney Land
Disney World
Oil Companies
Social lemmings
Abercrombe & Fitch
People who think George W. Bush has been a good prez.
Cigarette Companies
People who Sue Everybody
Corrupt Judges
Pervez Musharraf


Anonymous said...

I really dig the "Fasci$t" lists! Outstanding!!

CODE said...

Thanks man