Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blind Conformists

Do you support Obama?
If yes, name me at least one of his policies that you agree with (He's Black doesn't count!)
If you can't do this but you answered yes to the first question, you are a Blind Conformist!
Al tho I think that Obama is the best choice for president out of the two nominees (Mcain and Obama) It makes me sick seeing politics turn into a popularity contest in which the only deciding factor is who has the most celebrity backing or who's more christian than the other. People should look at politics without race or gender altering their opinion and ignoring who their favorite actor or random musician throws their support toward! Anyone who uses those idiotic methods is a blind conformist. They just do whatever's popular without a thought to why it's a good or bad. These people don't see the cliffs they're jumping off. They just see the crowd that's jumping off with them. They're social lemmings that clog the blood flow to the brain of this country with their Abercrombe and Fitch and their mile high landfills of last week's style and yesterday's animal tested make-up.

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