Monday, January 4, 2010

Wheat pasting

This is a tutorial I found at:
This is for fly posting (The act or activity of illegally putting up poster, posters, especially for advertisement, in unauthorized areas. and I find it very effective.
Here you go: for all the people who have trouble cooking the paste, here's a little tut..


you need:

* hot plate and a little pot
* beater (or fork)
* flour (white, preferably)
* water
* sugar here's how to do it:

:: take 3 tablespoons of flour

:: add cold water and stir, until it's a runny mix

:: put one cup of water in your pot, heat it until it's almost boiling.

:: put the cold wheat-water-mix in it slowly while stirring constantly with the beater/fork. (leave the pot on the hot plate while doing this)

::bring to boil (just for a minute or so)

:: keep stirring!!

that's it.

if you want, you can add a tablespoon of (white) sugar while it's still hot, for extra strenght.

bon appetit !


paste is applied (both to surface and backside of your poster) with a thick brush (the bigger the poster, the bigger the brush), from the center to the edges.

use regular paper you'd use in your printer, or any paper / stuff that is able to kinda absorb the paste a bit.

take care to eliminate air bubbles under the poster by striking from the center to the edge, and make sure there's enough paste at the edges / corners.

have fun !

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