Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ian Tomlinson; Police Brutality!

This video is a British news program with some outstanding piece-together to find who it was that killed Ian Tomlinson. Ian Tomlinson was quietly and PEACEFULLY minding his own business on his way home from selling newspapers when he was struck down and beaten to death by a police officer. The man responsible for this should be found, tried for murder, and locked up for the rest of his life. I'll let the video say the rest:


Anonymous said...

For your "Fascist List": Rick "the Rebel" Perry (gov. of the hillbilly state of TX) for supporting "states' rights" and Tim "meet the new boss-same as the old boss" Geithner

PunkRider said...

First of all i'm really sory that dude died.

But i dont think it's just an innocent bystander you're trying to portrait. It looks to me like a sunday-anarchist trying to get some adrenaline while confronting the police.

Hey dudes, that is happening when you want to play Che Guevara. You get fucking whacked !

If you want anarchy , be sure you're prepared for it!

This march reminds me of the one from Romania when GW Bush visited the country.

We found anarchists' lair and we fucked them up so hard they ran to police for help! Figure that out,mate ! :-))

I'd like to say hello to all our bulgarian nazi friends from CSKA Sofia!

Steaua Bucharest - CSKA Sofia forever!


CODE said...

Well if you'd watched the video you would have seen he was just a newspaper salesman on the way home from work. If he was fighting the death would be understandable. Still a great traggety but understandable. But he WASN'T fighting!!

Also I find it odd that you're hailing "nazi brethren" while not too long ago you where arguing that you were NOT a nazi. "I told you also that i'm not a nazi or fascist. I'm just nationalist." wasn't that you? here:

And I bet if anyone in that video you posted was a jew in the holocaust they wouldn't have thought those Areyan Ideas were so great. And neither would you!

PunkRider said...

And i still stand by my words.
I'm no nazi or fascist.
But most of my friends are.
Unfortunately they cannot distinguish the file line between nationalist / nazist.

What can i say?
i enjoy their company but i dont enjoy their views.

They are also very "funny" people , also this is for sure a matter of taste ;-)

A week ago there was a documentary on National Geographics named "Pictures from Hell". They were showing rare pics from Auschwitz.
Although i've seen many pics with horrors , there was a picture that really shocked me by his "inhumanity".
In these picture there were some high ranking nazi officers playing accordeon , drinking with some german women ,while bodies where pushed into a common graveyard.
This one of many reasons why i'll never be a "nazist" or agree with the race extermination theory.

You know, people often does not realize that communist regimes killed even more people than fascist ones.
For example Stalin or communist regimes in Asia.
IN Romania , when communist regime came to power , all people in middle class were prosecuted for DECADES. My father couldnt enlist in high school and college for years due to the fact that his gradparent owned 20000 squared meters of land.
That's a good reason i will never sustain leftist movements.
Their interpretation of human equality is not quite right when transposed in real world.It simply does not work.

CODE said...

Well I'm glad to know that you find race extermination revolting! At least we agree on that.

I would also like to say that I am most definintly not a Stalinist and view stalinist as degrading the name of communism and damaging the movement. I'm sorry to hear that your father was descrimated against by that regime and assure you that that would be guarded against in our revolution!