Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just a few of the Innocent Comrades Slain by the CIA and NSA

Just a Few of the Innocent Comrades Slain by the CIA and NSA
Che Guevara
The Bill of Rights
Yvonne Fletcher
Gary Webb
Abbie Hoffman


Anonymous said...

Fuckin moron.

Your admiration for your supreme comrade , dentist Guevara , big amateur biker and t-shirt producer , revolutionar in Bolivia's forests never stops to amze me.

it is well known the tragic destiny of Guevara , which after he failed to be a prime-minister in a gipsy country like Cuba , he began to terorize bolivian peasants , obliging them to start revolution after revolution until the peasants got tired of it and helped CIA to kill him.

antifas , you're champions at one things only: 100 meters running with obstacles. You're some homeless,desilusioned teenagers with some utopic ideals hopinf that world would be a much better place without ORDER.
Get a grip on te reality , morons , stop having day-dreams!


Romanian Blood&Honour

CODE said...

Thank you for commenting but Comrade Che Earned my respect. I do not think that having your hands cut off and then being burned to death would be anywhere on my list of humain deaths an I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I do find it odd however, that you would come to MY blog and comment so vigourusly (which I admire) ANONYMOUSLY (THis part I find filled with cowardous.) Another thing that I cannot explain is why your would say to stop day-dreaming yet by the 'chant' at the end of all your comments you seem to be promoting ARYAN supremicy and the white horse prophecy. Please explain this. Thanks

PunkRider said...

There is nothig cowardous about me , friend.
I was simply lazy and clicked on Anonymous. I will use the login now.
I know your blog because you commented on mine:

PunkRider :

Now , you admire Che Guevara because of the suffering he endured? Come on , there are thounsands of people on this planet dying of worse suffering than him.Do you admire them also?

Well do you know that one of Che's mottos was:" Let's create more Vietnams!" ? Do you admire him for that?
In my opinion it was nothing more than a revolution-addicted , a man who could find peace unless he was fighting for something.

There were many men in history like him.
They usually tend to be involved so much in fight that peace does not make sense to them at a point.

Have you ever been to Cuba?
They are so poor , i think my girl's dog eat better every day than most of cubans on Christmas :-D
Communism and left-wing movements are not the way.

In my opinion , the way for development of a helathy society is a right-wing (nationalist) regime with capitalism.

Why am i saying that?
Capitalism ...well too much to argue here ... my opinions 80% are in fact the Objective movement i wont repeat them here.
As for nationalism it goes like this: in my opinion IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RACE.
Our dearest friend Adolf was unfortunately right about this.
I hate to say it , but there are superior and inferior races.

Best evidence : germans (or anglo-saxons ) and africans.
Do you see how Germany got "polluted" by waves of turkish/arab imigrants?
White men are the motor of society development! They are responsible so far for creating the civilization as we know it eight now.
From any point of view: commercially,socially,arts,etc

This why i support WHITE POWER !
White men must rule this world.
And i dont mean it in a strict nazi way. i disagree with many horrble things they've done. They've done that because they were ruled by a madman.
But many of the principle are right!

About white horse prophecy , : ther is none!
White horse is a drink i enjoy very much , so i come with this motto:


Funny,isnt it?

Romanian Blood&Honour

PS: Watch tha other threads also, i'll post on them!

The Red Son said...

Punk rider- who are very poorly informed. Che never wanted to be the "prime minister" of Cuba and never tried to, Fidel had that covered. As for terrorizing Bolivian peasants and starting "revolution after revolution" that is a gross misinterpretation of history.

I actually have been to Cuba, have you? Yes there is poverty, but no more than in the rest of the developing world. This idea that the Cuban people are starving constantly is blatantly false.

As for you white power bull shit I hardly know where to start.
"White men are the motor of society development! They are responsible so far for creating the civilization as we know it eight now. From any point of view: commercially,socially,arts,etc"
Wow are you that ignorant. Who do you think makes those motorcyles on your blog, the Japanese, AKA non-whites. Civilization originated in modern-day Iraq, Mesopotamia where science and culture flourished. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese, non-whites. If whites are so far advanced commercially, how do you explain China and India's dominance of global capitalism, not to mention OPEC.

"I don't like what hitler did but white people should rule the world." The absurdity of that sentiment is pretty clear.

PunkRider said...

Fuckin asians have stolen the know-how from the europeans and americans.

These stupid chinese cannot invent themselves , they took precious western companies know-how and produce it cheaper because they are paying people peanuts.

OPEC - If the arabs wouldnt have sitted on a huge sea of oil , they would have been today what they have been for ages - SHEEP SHAGGERS.
Have you seen pictures with Dubai before 1950's? It was a poor seaside town.

Have you ever wondered why africans are still the level of development they are today? After all , they have been the longest occupants of this earth!

This niggaz will not be able to evolve unless they are ruled by whites! Best example is South Africa. (compared to other african countries).

I dont deny certain achievements of various nations. I'm seeing the global picture there.
Mesopotamians(present IRAQ) have their contributions at a certain time, but take at Iraq's situation in modern times. A bunch of arabs killing each others of decades.

Anyway , you know..Adolf didn't consider asians "Untermensch"...he promoted them to.."Semi-whites" :-))

CODE said...

Please refrain from rascist comments while commenting on my blog. Thank you.

CODE said...

If it was really laziness you wouldn't have clicked anything but "publish"
Therefor you are cowardly and you purposely clicked "Anonymous"

PunkRider said...

Hey Aristotle , stick your logic deeeply up in your ass.
I'm posting now logged , satisfied?

I post racist comments wherever and whenever i want, capisci?

What you're gonna do? Throw a Molotov cocktail at me? :-))

This is what internet blogs are all about! comments and disputes!

And anyway , didnt you know that fighting on the internet is like running in special olympics? Even if you win you're still retarted! :-D

I see that you're a gang of revolutionists here on blogspot!
What do you intend? Spread the "word" by blogging?
You're the army of 12 monkeys as i can see.

Unfortunately , this is typical for anarchist movement!
You're so scared you shit on yourselves! You call me coward?
I go wherever there is a left-wing or punk event(concert,demonstration,etc) to confront them.
Do you have the guts to do the same with the white power skinheads in US?
i bet you run like Forrest Gump when you see them.
You antifa punks are the apogee of cowardness.

Wish i see you on the streets!


Romanian Blood&Honour

CODE said...

Plagerism is a new low. Even for a skinhead dumbass. And the reason I don't go down to confront any Aryan marches I see is simply because I see you as a good distraction for the pig patrols and simply not enough of a threat to us to waste our time on.

PunkRider said...

"...and simply not enough of a threat to us to waste our time on."

I think you're not consecvent here.
After all most of your posts on blogspot are about fascism.

As far as i can see they are YOUR NUMBER 1 ENEMY.

I think if you would go messing with a brother from Aryan Brotherhood , they will have your ass hurt so much that Jack the Ripper doing Mary Kelly would be like a fairy tale.

PunkRider said...

or maybe i got you wrong...i can see now....

the true fascists..the one you fight ...are COCA-COLA , McDonalds , AT&T & Bush :-D

i gotta give this one to you...
I hate McDonalds...god damn fascists are intoxicating me with these awfull Chicken McNuggets and burgers...

Fuck those stupid-no-threat-aryans marching from here to there...
the real Fuhrer is RONALD McDonald :-))

CODE said...

Corperations are a bitch aren't they. And they spawned from the fasxcist roots. Take Wal-mart for example. If Wal-Mart was a Gov.; they would most definitly be considered a fascist and monarchal one. How can you hate these corps. but love Mien Kamf?? Are they not the same thing?!

PunkRider said...

i dont hate corporations...
i was just sarcastic...

i dont hate mcdonalds,coca-cola or at&t.
i told you also that i'm not a nazi or fascist. I'm just nationalist.
I think the ideea of corporation is a good ideea.
That fact is that as larger are the unions of people the greater thing they accomplish.
Do you think that small companies could realize the things that corporates like IBM,AT&T, Microsoft , Dupont,etc realized?

Hundreds of thousands of people live comfortably due to these corporations.

The only thing wrong with the corporations is MONOPOLY.
i hate monopolies. When a corporation or an individual succeeds in instaurating a monopoly in a certain domain/area then the capitalism system fails.

Otherwise i do not find any problem with corporation, they are just a bigger company.
People tend to show the bad thing corporations do(monopolies,abuse of power,manipulating political people) and easily forget the good sides of them(paying huge amounts of cash to state , hiring huge numbers of people,creating assets ,etc).

You know .... fascists were not against the corporations , only nazis were.

Marxo-Anarchist Freedom Front said...

"Do you think that small companies could realize the things that corporates like IBM,AT&T, Microsoft , Dupont,etc realized?"
No, I don't. And I don't think that those "things" are very good. Such as massive lay-off, minimum wage on a massive scale, illegal drilling, lobbying, Gov. bribes, Bail-outs, Propaganda (such as the ad. screens at the checkout at grocery stores), outsourcing (altho I'm not particularly against that one), and MANY more.

BTW, Nazi wheren't anti-Corp. they where pro Gov/Corp

PunkRider said...

I dont know how is is US , but in my country people working for big multinational companies have biggest salaries.

I also have a friend from Canda which is software programmer.
The biggest salaries he won were on US while he was working in big (corporatist) companies.

As i specified in a previous post you have a tendency to see only what is wrong with corporations.
IF governement and all the birocratic apparatus would do their job for which they are payed and control corporations by the book and not take bribe , many of the problems you specified would not exist.

Massive lay-offs occur from time to time in global economy.
There are no social-economical systems to go only up.
There are some cycles in economy, usually created by supra-production , cycles that were predicted by many economy theorists , including Marx.

Propaganda = COMMERCIAL ads
It's a standard way of distributing informations about the products you create. It's a legitimate , democratic means of advertising.
Propaganda is something like what you and your friends do. You propagate informations of a social-political system that will not work(at least not at this stage of huma society development level).

Revolutionists , what better example you need that Mao Tze Dun's so-called "Cultural Revolution"? You've seen very well what was its effects on chinese society.

PunkRider said...

Now let me tell you why i became a nationalist and why i'm against of such things as "No borders, no flags"

Imagine this situation(in fact there is no need to imagine it's very real today).

You're graduating a high school or university in US.
You're expected to win a decent salary..i dont know what is that in US ...let's say a few thounsands dollars/month. - 4000$

Because of your adopted politics of "no borders"...nothing stops companies to outsource software or different products,etc to cheaper countries..China,Eastern Europe,etc

Why should the company pay you 4000$/month when it could pay me 200-300??
Company has the right to do so . so if it wants to survive in a concurential market it must reduce costs as much as it can.

On the other would be obgliged to compete with mexicans,chinese,etc...all nations that would be happy to work for a salary 1/10 of yours.

Conclusion : you're fucked....i dont know how you would be able to survive with 200$/month in US , global US economy will sustain many losses.

Now let me present you my nationalist vision.

US adopts this kind of politics:
Fuck all chinese,east-europeans,mexicans and so on.
If you want to sell in US, you must have factories in US,must hire americans and pay wages to USA. US must not allow immigrants to come and work for peanuts while americans are jobless.
This is nationalism is all bout: PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS FIRST!
Of course there are madman like Hitler who interpreted this politics by trying to conquering the world , but this is another discussion.

Last year a NOKIA phone factory moved from Germany to my country.
I was happy at first, but one day i've seen at TV a demonstration of people of Bochum,Germany where the factory was before.
a few thousands were left jobless.
what would these people do next? factory was their main hiring agent in town. i'm glad i'm not one of them.
Nationalist movements try to institute protective measures for thei population. I think this is the way to go at this time.

Maybe in a future where people would have a much degree of civilation , collaborative systems like anarchy-marxism-communsim might work,but i doubt it.
Certainly not now.

I do not believe in collectivist societies because of a simple thing.
People are motivated by a very simple thing : GREED .
Greed is a good thing, as long it's controlled by a healthy set of laws and incorruptible controller agents(state).
Greed makes people create and improve.For their own selfish motives, not for some ideological reason,for state, for their companions or for whatever altruistic motive.

CODE said...

"US must not allow immigrants to come and work for peanuts while americans are jobless."
You're welcome to scrub my toilet if you're jobless. THe jobless ones are snobs who wont do the jobs that immigrants are willing to do. Also the US would fall way behind in your situation unless the whole world did this and that's the think with most governmental systems.
But at least we agree that greed governs humanity. Altho Greed is most definitly NOT good!

Marxo-Anarchist Freedom Front said...

"Mao Tze Dun's so-called "Cultural Revolution"? You've seen very well what was its effects on chinese society."
Cultural revolution isn't OUR revolution.
And speaking of nationalism, Wasn't Hitler's "Great War" pretty damaging to the Germans and indeed the whole world?

CODE said...

I agree with MA Freedom Front. Also China is booming right now!!

CODE said...

Going back to an earlier comment:
"About white horse prophecy , : ther is none!
White horse is a drink i enjoy very much , so i come with this motto:"
This is the White Horse prophecy:

The Red Son said...

"I told you also that i'm not a nazi or fascist. I'm just nationalist."

Just a Romanian Nationalist who favors the subjugation of the world's peoples by the White race who thinks that Hitler had some really neat ideas. That's not like a Nazi at all. White Nationalism is not National Socialism.