Thursday, November 20, 2008

Realization; Why I am How I am

In the reading of "steal this book" and living in a time of pointless war, I woke up. I woke up to fascism, to war, to greed. I could see the world and I didn't like what I saw. I felt useless, lokking for something, ANYTHING, to help the cause. I read Abbie Hoffman, Che Guevara, Marx, and Praudon (I might have misspelled that.)
I converted to a Marxist school of thought. Yet I knew that for there to be equallity, balence must be acheived and maybe the overthrow of governments and cultures. For this, I saw Anarchy. Anarchy is the ying to the yang of fascism. The offset of totalitarianism. The flag bearer in the overthrow of control.
I am a Marxo-Anarchist and this is my revilation, my rebellion, my retaliation. This is my realization.


Anonymous said...

Realization; Why you are Who you are

IMO You're the typical young man with average-to-low intelligence.

Probably you dont have any university education or you're in the junior years.

You developed hate toward capitalism because of a simple reason: you detest others achievements because you have none.

Rich people make you sick because you envy them , you would like to be like them , but you can't.
This repressed hate manifests itself by rebellion agains the system that encourages this type of individuals.
You promote marxism and anarchism.
You're a double-moron in this case.

Why do you keep having the ideas, anyway?
Don't you see that this systems are good only on paper, in reality they HAVE BEEN PROOVED to be FLAWED due the nature of human beings?
Why dont you and all of your anarchist friends accept REALITY?
Millions of peoples died in communist countries (and communism gets many of ideas from marxism) .
And as for the anarchy consider this simple situation.

Take an IRC channel.
Do not use a channel operator(representing the authority), give everybody power to do anything on that channel.
See what's happening.
Do you think they'll colaborate as your dearest anarchy theory proclaims?
NO , they would not. They would start arguing each other and use coercitive means and their disposabal(in the case of IRC that's BAN function).
In real life that would mean ANARCHY but not in your desired way , but in a literary way- DESTRUCTION of individuals.

I recommend you read 2 books - representing the apology of capitalism and after that i think you'll have a different vision of life:

Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead

I also reccomend and The Objective Movement.


Romanian Blood&Honour

CODE said...

I realize that anarchy doesn't work off paper but I am an arachist because THere must be BALANCE. Sence there are people like you and Ann Coulter will always exist we need the other extreme too!

I am a Marxist because I believe in the Marist school of thought. Dispite it's closeness to communism, It is it's own. Marxism.

Thank you for this reguritation. At least now I know WHO'S word your throwing up. Come up with your own ideas please.

PunkRider said...

What Balance , man?
Balance of force?

This is not Star Wars , you know and you're not one of the rebels!

Have you read The Capital by Marx?
Let me tell one of his ideeas:
Marx said that the difference between a capitalist society and a "marxist" society from the profit reinvesment point was this:

Capitalist man was a greedy bastard who took almost the profit for himself , exploting the workers and neglecting to reinvest profit in company.

In his perfect marxist-communist vires the profit should be reinvested 100% for the benefit of all got the point.

Let me tell you how commies applied this in practical way:

In communism there are no private companies, everything was own by the state. You were payed a fixed salaryy all your life. You had the right(read - OBLIGATION) to much as you can..even 12 hours/day..6 1/2 days/week.
At the age of 50-60 you finally could pay the price of your apartment the state give you "freely" when you were young.

WORKING was the main thing in communism. For people to accept these kind of regimes, special measures had to be taken.
RESTRICTIVE MEASURES: no free circulation , no tv (just 2 hours/day - 1 tv post, strict surveillance by security militias,very harsh punishments for political rebbelion).

Could you imagine living in a system like this?

However, I admire communists for one thing! The were a hell of organizers.
Capitalist economy doesnt even come close. The countries they ruled evolved much during that periods because people were forced to work.
But that came at the expense of social freedoms.

Hey , you can't be with the dick in your ass and with your soul in heaven,no?
You must choose one!

CODE said...

There is no black and white, and this isn't fucking star wars. There are only shades of gray and balance is the perfect mix of black and white.

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